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The FENG News Archives

The FENG has been featured on the CBS Evening News and in thirteen articles in seven different publications.

CBS Evening News with Katie Couric
January 2009 : "The Other America"
AFP Career Center
March/April 2002 : "When it Comes to Résumés, Keep it Simple"
Fall 2000 : "The Truth About Networking"
AFP Futures in Finance
Winter 2003 : "No Steps Forward, Two Steps Back"
AFP Pulse: The News Source for Financial Professionals
November 2001 : "Why Are You Seeking a New Job?"
April 2001 : "Pick Up the Phone and Get Yourself Hired"
July 2000 : "Excelling to the Top Job of CFO"
February 2000 : "Balancing a Job Search Means Getting a Night Job"
CFO Magazine
April 2001 : "Reach out and Touch" Why CFO's Network
August 1999 : "Networking and the Net"
Corporate Finance Magazine
December 2003/January 2004: "Join the club: executive networking made easy"
The National Networker
October 2007: The Financial Executives Networking Group
Wall Street Journal
January 2003 : "High Executive Anxiety Fuels Growth of Networking Groups"
Westport News
February 2004 : "Finding Direction When Life Throws a Curve"