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About the Information Technology S.I.G.

The Information Technology Special Interest Group is designed as a forum where members can connect with and discuss IT issues of mutual interest such as large scale Enterprise Resource Planning / Financial Systems. Efficient and effective IT systems and information are more critical to businesses than ever before.

With 3000+ IT SIG members representing all industries the benefit of this resource should be self-evident. The first-hand experience members can provide with various systems, strategies, and conversion and implementation methodologies, has the potential to save your company or at least to help you avoid a career limiting decision.

Please contact Joe Gillespie 847-994-8907 (, for more information about participating in the group's activities.

S.I.G. Leadership

Joe Gillespie
(847) 994-8907
Joe Gillespie is a proven leader having had roles as CEO, CIO, and CFO going back over 25 years. He has enabled growth and created competitive advantage for organizations utilizing information technology solutions while controlling and reducing expenses. Joe has a reputation as an innovative and dynamic agent of change and has extensive experience with rapidly evolving organizations, including M&A, public offerings, start-ups, spin-offs, and corporate restructurings.

Throughout his career Joe has always played leadership roles for companies in transition or companies undergoing rapid change and has implemented and integrated ERP solutions, outsourced certain functions, managed large-scale software development projects, successfully implemented program management offices, built IS departments from scratch and turned others around, and assimilated numerous acquisitions with the technical and organizational development issues that arise.

For several large organizations Joe has been in either Chief Information Officer or Chief Financial Officer roles dating back almost 30 years. Having spent his career at the intersection of Accounting/Finance and IT, Joe became a true Entrepreneur starting his own IT consulting company 10+ years ago, originally based on an outsourcing agreement with a large international gas & electric utility company which he later sold to another organization. Joe now advises other Entrepreneurs.

In 2004, Joe graduated 1st in his class of over 100 from the University of Illinois, Springfield with a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. Joe has also been awarded an MBA, BS, BBA, and Project Management certificate and is Six Sigma certified and a certified e-Business Consultant.


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