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The FENG Banking S.I.G.

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About the Banking S.I.G.

The Banking SIG is comprised of Senior Banking, Broker Dealer, and other Financial services professionals.

Grant Thornton
757 Third Avenue (between 47th and 48th Streets) - 9th Floor
New York, NY 10017

Teleconferencing instructions:
Meetings start at: 5:30 pm EST / teleconference bridge open at 5:55 pm
Phone number: (712) 432-0360 (new number)
Access code: 588787#

ALWAYS check the particular meeting details to ensure that teleconferencing will be offered. Some meetings due to their format or location may not support teleconferencing.

We endeavor to have monthly networking meetings with guest speakers in NYC. The meetings cover themes of interest impacting banks, Thrifts, Hedge Funds, Assset and Alternative Funds Management firms, broker dealer, Investment banks,and other financial services organizations. Themes cover the role of:

- Audit and risk management
- Compliance & corporate governance
- Treasury/asset-liability management pre and post financial crisis
- Managing relations with regulators(central banks) and auditors
- Managing pension plans/investment management process
- Role of credit risk monitoring including real estate and commercial loans
- Importance of conservative lending and good underwriting standards
- Role of boards in properly overseeing Banks and Financial Institution counterparties
- Quantify/measure and properly assess trading risk
- New trends/issues impacting banks/financial institutions.

Typically meetings in New York City are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month based on venue and speaker availability. The purpose is to inform, engage audience, create a meaningful Q&A and good interaction between speakers and audience with a pre-post card exchange/greeting with speakers and members of audience thus increasing interaction and networking for all involved. We encourage FENG members to get involved and contribute with ideas, speakers, venue selection or other suggestions as needed. The speakers are "experts" in their respective areas of interest and we try to attract an audience with knowledge, expertise and strong interest in theme discussed but meetings are open to all FENG members on a first come, first serve basis.

In addition, the Banking SIG may have a business card/meet and greet event on a sporadic basis thus allowing FENG members to meet each other, network and exchange views with other banking/FI professionals in an unstructured, relaxed setting. In addition to helping FENG members network with each other and guest speakers of interest, we aim to educate and inform all banking SIG members on new trends that shape financial services industry on a day to day basis.

S.I.G. Leadership

Keith Barber
(203) 222-7216
Steve Picarillo
(914) 771-5447
Ed Sikorski
(201) 417-0432
Ed started in the financial services industry in 1997 and joined Merrill Lynch in 2014. Before becoming a financial advisor, he was a founding partner and Chief Operating Officer for a 40+ person investment bank and securities firm. He also has had roles in institutional and middle-markets fixed income sales and trading. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Finance from Lehigh University and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation from The CFA Institute.
Ed is a resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife Nadiia and their two young children, Maximus and Aleksandra.
Ed Hayes
(732) 882-3287
Ed Hayes is an experienced Compliance Program Director and MBA who works across silos to deliver global reporting solutions to mitigate regulatory risk. He has delivered over 500 SEC filings related to US equities and derivative concentration. Recent Dodd-Frank experience includes a Title Vll Swaps Reform Project and HFT Trade Surveillance review for manipulative trading activity. Worked at major financial institutions including UBS, Instinet,LLC, Bank of New York Mellon and Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc..

As Co Chair in the NY Banking SIG,, Ed presents annual Dodd-Frank updates outlining the impacts and opportunities in the banking industry.
Norm Jardine
(917) 613-9622
Norman Jardine is a New York State CPA. He is a Chief Financial Officer focusing on community banking. Demonstrated capabilities include P & L responsibility, Strategic Planning, Regulatory Reporting, developing and implementing Accounting Policies & Procedures. Additional expertise includes Compliance, Management Financial Reporting, Internal Controls, Systems Implementation, Investments and Insurance. A hands-on bottom line oriented team contributor with excellent problem solving and communication abilities.

He is active in various FENG endeavors and is active on the New York State Society of CPAs, Bank Accounting Committee. He is chair of the Annual Bank Accounting seminar in November of 2011. He is also on the Alumni Board of St. John's University, College of Business Administration.
Tony Mattia
(917) 922-9272


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